What do end users really think of the Social Media

Where are is my target group?

Is Twitter really dead? Are teen and pre-teens only on Snapchat? Why are my Facebook ads running low? How to reach people in China? IS there a facebook in Moskow? Is telegram the most used social network in ICO? 

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Going Social

As I work as a Social Media Manager,  I have to wonder –  What do people really think about their Social Media? Isn’t Instagram sometimes overwhelming? Facebook can be boring. Reddit is somewhere intimidating. But yet here we are, every day. Spending hours online. 


I want to know how my audience really feels toward my content. Can we measure unconscious thoughts?

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I have decided to conduct an independent study on implicit reaction towards social media. Design researchers often use interviews and questionnaires to measure consumer response to products. This practice is despite the inherent limitations of these “explicit” self-report methods. In psychology, “implicit” tests have been developed in an attempt to overcome self-report biases and to obtain a more automatic measure of attitudes.

Implicit methods have been applied in psychology for various purposes, ranging from the investigation of addictions and phobias to indication of racial bias. However, due to the benefits outlined above, implicit measures may also be useful in interpreting consumer attitudes towards products.



If you are interested in getting an study info, just let me know.

It all starts with behaviour