The science of

Most scientific papers are not major discoveries, but bricks and pebbles that add to the edifice of science. Slowly, science builds edifices thanks to a community of researchers that are careful about every brick. Every new discovery can make us come closer and closer to the discovery of groundbreaking stuff.

So let’s harness the science into disruption.

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Technology has given us incredible offerings such as smart cities, blockchain and machine learning. Today, more than ever, we can reshape our society by presenting palpable scientific changes. 

 History has given us great minds that have made changes with their wisdom and knowledge that all humanity pushed forward. It’s not just a matter of mind, it’s about moving the boundaries and conquering new horizons with our society today.
If you are working in a startup you are the scientist  Delivering a new product to the market or creating innovation that will disrupt old systems that we known – Absolutely makes you an innovator of today.

New boundaries of human knowledge are a place where science and technology meet. We would never have Google translate without mathematical application of neural networks. We would never know that the user interface is well designed without Neuroscience tools such as eye-tracker or even EEG.

That is why I decided to dedicate my scientific work to the application of technological achievements and previous scientific knowledge. For me, human emotions and behaviours were the main drivers of every technological achievement over the past five years.