#ForTheBrand and #ForTheThrones

#ForTheBrand and #ForTheThrones

Where were you at 3:00 AM? Were you watching Game of Thrones?

And days before? Have you checked every possible source regarding spoilers? Will Jon Snow lived throughout this show and will Daenerys sit on the iron throne at the end? It took us so long until this day of the final season. The show has started 8 years ago.  And if you are book fan like me – it took more than a decade of plot guessing and conspiracy making.  If you are Game of Thrones fan, you are die hard fan and that’s it.  So why do we like Game of Thrones so much? Is is all because of the well written book of realistic characters or is it because of the plot lines that are unpredictable. The secret of success of GoT is in one simple emotion: anticipation of unknown. Does this remind you of something? Life, perhaps? One of the biggest magic of life is its improbability. You never can tell what’s going to happen next, and there is a change of everything to happen. You could fall in love this afternoon or hit by a bus this evening. Or both. As a statistian I could tell you what are the chances for this turn of the events, but as a behavioral scientist – I’m pretty sure that you will be watching the game of thrones. And not just watch. Later, you will post about it on your Social Media accounts about it. This behavior pattern is simply said human. We want to belong. We want to feel all the emotions of unpredictable life, but from the safe environment of our living room. And, Ofc later to post about it. This is the ideal reaction to the brand. Gods of Marketing are smiling from above. (Or depths. We don’t judge)

The Game of Thrones, as a brand, has made us feel like we are actually a part of the whole franchise. What is your favorite character? What is your favorite House? Do you have any kind of mearch branded by GoT? Behind this brand are hype wizards. Creative is on point. Stuns around the world are shared and talked about. And one thing also: The marketing budget for this season of Game of Thrones,according to a recent report in The Wall Street Journal, is about $20 million, and frankly, it shows. It’s been years since HBO had to use marketing to actually promote awareness for Game of Thrones. Jim Marsh, HBO’s senior VP of digital and social marketing, has been with Game of Thrones since the start, launching the show’s Facebook page and Twitter account back when only book readers knew what valar morghulis was. He says that the biggest turning point for the show, was when its marketing shifted from driving awareness into its current mode of finding the best way to push more excitement to the fans, was the infamous season three episode “The Red Wedding. It was a was a long journey from an awareness to major brand. Which brings us to the point of the text – The Game of thrones brand game is so strong that others want to join in. This lovely parallel between what happens in the show and  brand collaborations was stepping up devotion to both TV show and more fondness for brand of campaign contributors. So let us dive in into the best Game of Throns collabs so far:



Addidas Running Shoes

Inspired by six of the show’s most prominent houses or groups of characters, there will be an iteration for the Night’s Watch, the White Walkers, House Targaryen, the Targaryen’s dragons, House Stark, and House Lannister. Along with color schemes that are representative of these pivotal figureheads, each creation boasts a phrase or sigil from each the likes of “Winter Is Here” for the menacing White Walkers, and “Hear Me Roar” for the debt-paying Lannisters. Other special details include GoT-branded custom insoles as well as one final house-specific detail underneath each tongue, whether it be by way of a phrase or a signature crest.



Oreo Cookies

The limited edition cookies will include the sigils of House Lannister, House Targaryen and House Stark along with The Night King.  Fans can also head over to either Oreo.comOreo’s Facebook or Twitter page to pledge their allegiance to one of the aforementioned houses with the hashtags #GameofCookies and #ForTheThrone. Oreo will then select the winners and mail them a special prize.

Red Cross

Red Cross Blood Donors


HBO and the American Red Cross forged an alliance, challenging fans and donors to show their bravery and valor by bleeding #ForTheThrone. Many answered the call with devotion, joining the army of the living and playing a role for the good of the realm (and patients). One of the slogans of this campaign for the blood donors is that Jon, Arya and Daenerys have bled for the Throne as well as donors do when it comes to those in need. I must admit that this is my favorite one, since it has an impact on the whole community.





The “Hot & Spicy” print and outdoor ads from Ogilvy Hong Kong won gold at the Cannes Lions and a wood pencil at D&AD last year thanks to its perfect use of spicy fried chicken photography as a replacement for flames. Adweek also named it one of the best ad campaigns of 2018.  In 2017 KFC has come up with this comic commercial featuring Hodor.


Tiger Beer


Tiger beer

Tyrion Lannister once said, “Everything’s better with some wine in the belly.”

Tiger Beer certainly did not forget his words and are intent on letting their consumers know that everything will be better with some beer in the belly, especially when it comes to chasing away the Monday blues. Leveraging on the current buzz around the latest season of “Game of Thrones”, Tiger Beer posted two pictures of its new beer range on Facebook – Tiger Black and Tiger White. This was while making references to the TV show.


Johnnie Walker


Johnnie Walker

At the end, only whitewalkers will remain. (This is not a spoiler) When TV show finally ends, the emptiness will be filled with various spin-offs and maybe some of this custom made Whitewalker whiskey. Tell us in the comments below what was your favorite brand collaboration.

Bonus: Game of Thrones X Bud Light Super Bowl LIII ad


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