Company branding in IT industry: ITKonekt case

Company branding in IT industry: ITKonekt case

One of the largest conference was organized and held in Belgrade, last week. ItKonekt, growing regional IT community, brought together entire IT scene in one place – At the center event ITKonekt. The idea behind the event organization is to support further growth of IT industry branch in Serbia, which total market size in 2018 was estimated to be worth around EUR 522.7 million, eight percent higher than last year. 

The Itkonekt event consist of lectures and parallel job fair in which several IT companies were able to present their product or projects. The world’s most sought-after IT lecturer – Robert Martin, aka Uncle Bob was one of the presenters at the conference. The opportunity to hear the man who invented the agile approach to software design was one of the many factors to come to the conference. We may even say that he is one of the veterans of the industry, of nearly half of a century in the It sector. His published work is mandatory readings for It professionals. The opportunity to attend his lecture can not be missed.

On the other hand, what if you are not just IT professional? What if you are a recruiter of IT company? At this moment as we speak – Serbia lacks 15,000 IT professionals. It is only reasonable to be present at conferences and high impact events in order to present your company among your future employees. It is a part of employer branding that could step up your company on the market that lacks specialized IT professionals. When dealing with a huge gap between job offers and the number of people to match the job criteria, your company brand game must be on the spot.

What is an employer branding?

Each company has a reputation. All the information about one company’s product, CEOs, project team members, history, collaborations, community work and so on and so on.. Will form your company’s reputation. The reputation itself will then generate a unique perception: Emotional or Intellectual. When people combine your company’s reputation with their personal experience: meeting your employees or listening your CEO on tedTalk, perhaps use your product and getting the chance to interact with your advitesments  – Your company branding has just been created.

In a way, your product or service is one brand that would give you certain income and ROI, but your other brand is the value of your company as an employer which will give you the opportunity to choose the best candidates for every open job position. In todays competitive job market, not only that you would not be able to employ the best – but you won’t be able to retain them. While attending the ITKonect, I visited a job fair. Some of the companies that were represented at ITKonekt are: Endava, Daon, Grid Dynamics, United Cloud, Saga, Prodyna, Enjoying, LearnUpon, GoDaddy, Symphony, Holycode and others.

If we look into the specific case of IT companies presenting themselves at the regional IT conference, we are aware of the opportunities for both sides: Companies and participants. This is one of the activities form employer branding specter that you could use in order to present your unique employer proposition value. In this case: Your conference booth at Job Fair is your brand communication tool. By talking to your HR team or looking into your company’s portfolio that you presented for this occasion you are given a small insight of what your company is. So lets see how did companies managed to present them self and what were the tools of communications or show-stoppers. We will go through several examples and choose the best.

ITKonect booth branding:

It’s always nice to check out the booths on Conferences – And it is not just because you can get free notebooks 🙂 If you are in marketing, you will look at booths as a free form of branding and user activation in a way – So in every conference, booth branding is a form of marketing message: Notice me! Notice me! Here are my favorites of the IT conference:

Talking about branding! Lets brand ourself! Tattoos are a fun. People like them. They last up to three days and you can choose your own designs which are the best for your event.

Conference tattoo


On the other hand, you can attract visitors by gaming. There is one booth with a Playstation or other form of VR game. As you can see, one of the companies has used the VR fitness device for visitors competition.

Rowing in the deep


On the other hand, some companies do not need fancy activation. If your company is known for the product or organization culture – Your conference presentation will be a booth and couple of HR managers.

Just. Brand.

It seems like the trend for presentation of IT company on every IT conference is a puzzle.  Almost everyone has it. If you solve it – You get a small prize. Branded ofc.

Puzzles. Puzzles. Puzzles

Remember to have your promotional materials such are stress balls, notebooks and leaflets about your company. Your leaflet should be mostly about your product for one thing that is able to convert developer form current to the next job position is a challenge! Keep in mind that the organizational culture of one company is on the second place so write a short text about the values of your whole team.

Booth at the Conference – Starter pack.

One of the best ideas for presenting your IT company is certainly matching T-shirts. It will make your employees seem like a team. Also, diverse roles are the best for the conference: HR manager and Product Owners, PR manager and Head Developer etc. One person can talk about your company from the perspective of comparative communication and other form developer side. If you have a new product – Present it! It is a great conversation starter and also, you can get valuable opinions on your product features.

Matching uniforms

Present the product.

On the other hand – Don’t go into extremes. Magition is a great activation, and you would get a lot of booth visitors, but would they be able to remeber the name of your company after?


Be sure to post your team photo on social media and to use the conference name as a hashtag. After the conference, many visitors would want to check out your site or they haven’t remembered your company’s name – but they remember you by your counter.

The Team.

At the end – There is always one company who is bringing the big game to the conference. Recrutment company Asseco user Robot Interviewer that talked to developers. Robot is controled by realife human but the talk with it was interesting, mostly due to the robots eyes, which change the emotion. Is like meeting R2D2 in job interview.

Digital interviewer

Hope that these examples were useful. Do tell in the comments below!

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