Did we actually like Bandersnatch? – Interactive blog post

Did we actually like Bandersnatch? – Interactive blog post

Welcome to the choose-your-adventure interactive blog. You are creating your own blog reading experience. It’s just like Bandersnatch, but without cereal.



Whether interactivity is future of storytelling or it’s just a spike in the attention-deprived world, we must applaud to Netflix. The newest episode of the Black Mirror has marked us all. We can discuss the limitation of interactive storytelling, where by far the biggest is that it’s not fit for every campaign, but it does have the power to stand out in the vast sea of online passive content. The plurality of the content is all around us, so the brands are pushed toward a new way to retain their audience. This format was mostly present in the gaming industry and children books. Now, it is a part of the streaming service that we all indulge on lazy days and flu season.

But do we really want this form of choice when it comes to leisure time? Just like the main character in the show, we are undergoing the process of self-reflection on how our choices shape consequently our lives. Bandersnatch show can last from several minutes to several hours – depending on how we react in choice branches. My like in this blog, you can have your own version of this blog post, as well as your own experience on the show itself and life at the end. In the age of endless scroll through the options do we want to have free will when it comes to small things?

Bandersnatch has a certain thing to it. Perhaps the behavior science can explain it, perhaps Neuroscience can do it. When you gaze into Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch, it also gazes into you.

Make your choice

Will you proceed to read more about how does neuroscience explains our reaction to the show or would you go down to social science and check out the explanation from that major buzz that Bandersnatch has created?

If you have a problem with making a choice. Do not worry! ‘Cos It’s not you. Just google a title named “Apparent mental causation: Sources of the experience of will” you will come up with the paper about free will in which you may read that many of our choices are actually being made by our brains before we think about them. Our consciousness is just justifying them retroactively. It is all just an illusion. Your brain has chosen every click in this blog post long before you have consciously done. Not just in this blog but during Bandersnatch as well. Your mind rationalizes the subconscious choices that you are making and convinces you that you are in charge. By You – is actually the entity that you believe is in control.

If you are freaked out by these findings, that let move on to the modular theory of the mind. You are just a network of programmed nodes that compete with each other for your attention. Your self-preservation, basic maintenance, and gene propagation node are battling among each other and the winner gets to click on the choice, not you.

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